Many people believe that health is the absence of disease, or a lack of any symptoms. This is not health.


Health is an abundant state that we can build and work toward in order to feel energized, vital, and balanced throughout the day, everyday.


This is true health, or what I refer to as Optimal Health. Together, this is the goal we will work towards.


Conventional medicine serves it’s purpose and can be life-saving. In my holistic approach to healthcare, I work with you to create a focus on prevention through taking care of yourself by;


  • eating whole, nutrient-dense food
  • enjoying earth’s bounty while avoiding junk food - typically    foods that    are bad for your body and your brain
  • cooking in bulk to ensure healthy, delicious foods are always available
  • preparing awesome recipes so there’s no feeling of deprivation
  • taking probiotics and including fermented foods in your diet to ensure a healthy gut community
  • understanding toxins and how to avoid them


Don’t be overwhelmed because the learning journey is fun, informative and there are so many healthy alternatives that I research everyday and share with my clients.



How I Work:


Each of us is unique and because of this we require a diet and lifestyle program tailored to our own individual uniqueness.


As a Holistic Nutritionist I promote wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every client’s current state of health, taking into account all potential contributing factors.


I use an integrative approach to consider the complex web of interactions in your history, physiology and lifestyle that can lead to illness and help you to make adjustments and refinements that lead to wonderful health.


This is not a diet, this is a life-style way of living that together we develop to ensure it's doable and delicious.


As a Raw Chef I'll include both raw and cooked recipe suggestions that are fully tested and family approved. There's no need for deprivation, just great food without chemical additives, white sugar or white flour.




Healthy eating and meal planning go hand in hand to promote a healthy lifestyle.




These are one-to-one sessions with Penny. In the initial intake session I'll provide an analysis of your current diet and discuss your health objectives (this often includes weight loss, better digestion, more energy and better sleep). With this in-depth information, together we can develop a custom plan made just for you. Once booked, you will be sent an intake form in advance of your first session, this will enable you to carefully fill out the answers in your own time. Then, once we begin the initial intake session we will complete a diet and lifestyle assessment, go through your intake form in detail, discuss your health history and review your health objectives.


The purpose of this is to start to develop a Nutritional and Lifestyle plan that meets your needs and you can sustain easily everyday.


To begin our journey this first session takes approximately 2 hours.


In subsequent Sessions you will receive the personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan which will be explained in detail with lots of handouts and recipes. These sessions are typically 1.5 hours in length and take place in person or on Skype.