When I first discovered I had hypothyroidism I had NO idea what that actually meant.


My doctor at the time suspected I had an under active thyroid and ordered some blood work to support his suspicion. Low and behold my lab work came back indicating low thyroid. With no explanation I was simply to take a medication - Synthroid - that was it, that was my full treatment.


No information as to the "why", no information if lifestyle and diet changes could help - nothing, just a prescription.


I decided to take some control myself and dive into research to find out what was going on, what the blood work numbers actually meant and...if there was anything I could do nutritionally to either improve the health of my thyroid or fix my condition.


My goal is to help you navigate "up the slope of health" - step-by-step. Imagine having more energy, knowing what to do, and...fitting into your skinny jeans. Let's ditch the depression and the extra pounds!


Did you know that "nutrient deficiency" effects your thyroid? Imagine for a minute eating 2 Brazil nuts to improve your selenium level - that's easy and delicious. Selenium is necessary to convert your T4 to T3 (T3 is what impacts your metabolism, remember - skinny jeans).


Don't worry if you don't understand T4 and T3 right now. My plan, actually "the plan" I develop for you is based on my experience and knowledge but more importantly it's a plan that "works for you", one that you can live with and love. A plan that empowers you to take some control.


I'm not a substitute for your Doctor, I'm part of your wellness team. I completely understand that each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs. Everyone I've worked with is starting from a different place and looking for help from their own perspective.


Much of what I'll teach you may be completely new to you or you may know some things but need motivation, in-depth explanations and support. Support so you can avoid your saboteurs.


Do you often wonder why your committed one day and completely go off the rails the next? Are you confused with all the information you see or read about?


Together we'll dig deep , work step-by-step to improve your thyroid health naturally and set you up on a new path of energy, vitality, weight loss and happiness.

Don’t let another day go by

feeling awful, anxiety ridden and

... about to throw in the towel.







A private consultation is a one-to-one session with Penny. In this first session I offer a thorough analysis of your current thyroid health. You will be sent an intake form in advance of your first session, this will enable you to carefully fill out the answers in your own time. Then, once we begin the initial intake session we will complete a diet and lifestyle assessment, go through your intake form in detail, discuss your health history and review your objectives. The purpose of this is to start to develop a plan that meets your needs as well as the needs of your thyroid. It's quite an experience, it's all about you and together we make it easy for you to improve.


In subsequence sessions, as your plan evolves, I will educate and empower you to take control of your health, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, complete with recipes and therapeutic supplement guidance. You will receive on-going resources as we move forward to help you understand your thyroid gland and what can be done to improve your symptoms above and beyond just taking a prescription medication.


In addition I'll ask you to do at-home assignments to ensure you progress and understand the information at each session. It's so interesting because it's all about you - a specific plan to support your thyroid and enable it to do what it's meant to do... keep you looking and feeling your best!


To begin our journey your intake session takes approximately 2 hours.


Subsequent Sessions are 1.5 hours in length and take place in-person or on Skype.


Optimizing thyroid function can help heal the underlying cause of thyroid disease LET'S BEGIN...